hmCal_Add Group

hmCal_Add Group(area;appointments) -> reference

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
appointments       ARRAY LONGINT->  appointment list
reference          Longint      <-  group reference


The command hmCal_Add Group groups appointments together. This is helpful, if you want to display appointments together with other regarding appointments. Grouped appointments will be always shown in one row, regardless if they may overlap or not.
You have to pass appointment references of existing appointments. Otherwise the result is 0 and the callback throws an error -2.
The result is the reference of the created group.

If you want to shift other connected appointments automatically, use hmCal_SET GROUP PROPERTY to activate it.


The following example creates a group out of two appointments:

ARRAY LONGINT($tl_group;2)		

$vl_group:=hmCal_Add Group ($vl_area;$tl_group)

Left: grouped, right: ungrouped (default)