hmCal_SET LINEDASH(area;selector;phase;arrayDashes)

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
selector           Longint      ->  line
phase              Real         ->  Phase to begin
arrayDashes        ARRAY REAL   ->  Dashes array


The command hmCal_SET LINEDASH sets the line dash pattern of a line. A line dash pattern allows you to draw a segmented line. You control the size and placement of dash segments along the line by specifying the dash array and the dash phase.
The phase parameter specifies the starting point of the dash pattern. The array arrayDashes specifies the widths of the dashes, alternating between the painted and unpainted segments of the line.
To reset the line to its default value, just set an empty array.

Examples of line dash patterns:

The following lines are supported:


The following examples sets a special line:
ARRAY REAL($tz_dashes;6)

hmCal_SET LINEDASH (hmCal;$selector;0;$tz_dashes)