hmCal_Set Column Property

hmCal_Set Column Property(area;reference;property;num;text) -> error

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
reference          Longint      ->  appointment reference
property           Longint      ->  property to set
num                Longint      ->  numeric value to set
text               Text         ->  text value to set
error              Longint      <-  errorcode



With the command hmCal_Set Column Property you can set several properties of a column. In the parameter reference you must pass a valid column reference. You can use one of the following properties.

Notice: You can use predefined Constants.

To get all properties you can use the command hmCal_Get Column Property.

Important: You must always set all parameters of the command. If you use not all parameters (num,text) you must pass an empty value.


hmCal_cprop_width (1)

The property sets the width of the column in pixels.

hmCal_cprop_visible (2)

The property sets the visibility of the column. Set 1 for visible and 0 for invisible.

hmCal_cprop_headertext1 (3)

The property sets the first header text line of the column.

hmCal_cprop_headertext2 (4)

The property sets the second header text line of the column. The second line is only visible in the project view.

hmCal_cprop_alignment (5)

The property sets the alignment of the column text.

The property can have four possible values:

hmCal_cprop_resizeable (6)

With the property you can set, if the column should be resizeable or not. Pass 1 for resizeable or 0 for not resizeable.

hmCal_cprop_minwidth (7)

The property defines the minimum width of the column.

hmCal_cprop_headeralignment (8)

With this property, you can set the alignment of the column header.

The property can have four possible values:

hmCal_cprop_wordwrap (9)

This property defines, if a column has a word wrap or not. Pass 1 for word wrap (Default) or 0 for deactivating word wrap.

hmCal_cprop_use_standardtext (10)

This property defines, if the standard-column (id=-1) shows the standard-text or a custom text defined by hmCal_Set Column Cell Value. Default is 1.


The following example hides a column with the ID 2:

$vl_error:=hmCal_Set Column Property (calArea;2;hmCal_cprop_visible ;0;"")