hmCal_Create Working Hours

hmCal_Create Working Hours(area;timeFrom;timeTo;Date;User;red;green;blue;alpha;text) -> reference

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint       ->  hmCal area
timeFrom           Longint       ->  from-value
timeTo             Longint       ->  to-value
Date               Date          ->  date-value
User               Longint       ->  user-ID
red                Longint       ->  color component red
green              Longint       ->  color component green
blue               Longint       ->  color component blue
alpha              Real          ->  alpha channel 0-100
text               Text          ->  name of the working hour
reference          Longint       <-  reference


The command hmCal_Create Working Hours creates a new working hours-record for a day and a user.

The parameter timeFrom sets the start of the working time in seconds. The parameter timeTo sets the end of the working time in seconds. The parameter Date indicates, for what day the working hours are to apply. If the value is a blank date (zero date), the working hours applies for all days. The parameter User indicates, for what user working hours to apply. If the value0, the working hours applies for all users. The parameters red, green and blue definies the color of the working hours. If you pass -1 in each element, the standardcolor will be shown. alpha sets the alpha channel of the color.
For a displayable label for the working hours use the parameter text. This parameter can be empty.

All color components are 16 bit values.

Notice: You can define more than one working hour per day if you call this command again.


The following example sets the working time for the user with the ID 2 to 8:00 to 18:00:


$vl_reference:=hmCal_Create Working Hours (calArea;0+?08:00:00?;0+?18:00:00?;Current date;2;0xFFFF;0x0000;0x0000;100;"My working hour")