hmCal_SET COLOR(area;type1;type2;red;green;blue)

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
type1              Longint      ->  object type
type2              Longint      ->  reference or 0
red                Longint      ->  red color component
green              Longint      ->  green color component
blue               Longint      ->  blue color component

Notice: This command is obsolete in version 7.0. Please use hmCal_SET COLOR NEW!


With the command hmCal_SET COLOR you can set all colors of a hmCal area. The parameter type1 defines the object type. The parameter type2 is depending on the object type. It's a reference or a value of 0. You must set the color in three components red, green and blue. All color components are 16 bit values. If you pass in one of the three color components the value of -1, the standard color is used.

Notice: Some selectors need a type3. Please call the command hmCal_SET COLOR NEW instead.

The following object types are valid:

Notice: You can use predefined Constants!