hmCal_Get App Property

hmCal_Get App Property(area;reference;property;num;text;date) -> error

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
reference          Longint      ->  appointment reference
property           Longint      ->  property to get
num                Real         <-  numeric value to get
text               Text         <-  text value to get
date               Datum        <-  date value to get
error              Longint      <-  errorcode


With the command hmCal_Get App Property you can get all properties of an appointment. In the parameter reference you must pass an appointment id. All properties you may use are described in chapter hmCal_Set App Property.

Notice: You can use predefined Constants.

To set all properties you can use the command hmCal_Set App Property.


The following example detect the end date of an appointment (id 26) and extend the end date for two days:


$vl_error:=hmCal_Get App Property (calArea;26;hmCal_aprop_DateTo;$vz_prop_real;$vt_prop_text;$vd_prop_date)


$vl_error:=hmCal_Set App Property (calArea;26;hmCal_aprop_DateTo;$vz_prop_real;$vt_prop_text;$vd_prop_date)