hmCal_SET TIMEOUT LIST(area;date_from;time_from;date_to;time_to)

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
date_from          ARRAY DATE   ->  Date from
time_from          ARRAY LONGINT->  Time from
date_to            ARRAY DATE   ->  Date to
time_to            ARRAY LONGINT->  Time to


The command hmCal_SET TIMEOUT LIST sets time outs (time holes) in the current day range. The command only takes effect in the views hmCal_UserMultiDayView and hmCal_ProjectView.
The command overwrites all previous time outs.

The hidden times and dates can overlap each other.
You can hide complete days if you pass the same date in date_from and date_to with the times 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.
Currently it is only allowed to hide entire hours, because the headers may not looking good.
Currently time outs are only implemented in the scales (zooms) of day/hours and week/days.


The following example sets four time outs:

ARRAY DATE($td_arrayDateFrom;4)
ARRAY LONGINT($tl_arrayTimeFrom;4)
ARRAY DATE($td_arrayDateTo;4)
ARRAY LONGINT($tl_arrayTimeTo;4)

$td_arrayDateFrom{1}:=Current date
$td_arrayDateTo{1}:=Current date

$td_arrayDateFrom{2}:=Current date
$td_arrayDateTo{2}:=Current date

$td_arrayDateFrom{3}:=Current date+1
$td_arrayDateTo{3}:=Current date+1

$td_arrayDateFrom{4}:=Current date+2
$td_arrayDateTo{4}:=Current date+2

hmCal_SET TIMEOUT LIST ($vl_area;$td_arrayDateFrom;$tl_arrayTimeFrom;$td_arrayDateTo;$tl_arrayTimeTo)

The result looks like (if the current day was Dec 15, 2016):