hmCal_Area To Picture

hmCal_Area To Picture (area;format;dpiX;dpiY) -> Picture

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
format             Longint      ->  picture format
dpiX               Longint      ->  DPI-X or 0 (default)
dpiY               Longint      ->  DPI-Y or 0 (default)
Picture            Picture      <-  Picture of the hmCal-Area


The command hmCal_Area To Picture returns a picture of the hmCal area. The area can be both on the screen indicated area, and with hmCal_New Offscreen Area created area. Scrollbars are not drawn in the picture.

hmCal supports following native picture formats:
You can also use the predefinied Constants.

You can define your own size of the picture by using the selectors hmCal_prop_PrintingWidth and hmCal_prop_PrintingHeight with the command hmCal_SET AREA PROPERTY.


The following example creates a picture variable of the current hmCal area:


$vb_hmcal:=hmCal_Area To Picture(hmCal;hmCal_picture_jpg)