hmCal_Set User Property

hmCal_Set User Property(area;userID;property;valueReal;valueText) -> error

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
userID             Longint      ->  user reference
property           Longint      ->  user property
valueReal          Real         ->  real value to set
valueText          Text         ->  text value to set
error              Longint      <-  error code



The command hmCal_Set User Property sets a property for an existing user. Just pass the user reference in the parameter userID. You can use one of the following options:

hmCal_uprop_Name (1)

In parameter valueText you can get/set the user's name.

hmCal_uprop_Icon (2)

In the parameter valueReal you can pass a custom icon reference. The user icon is displayed in the project view. The icon have to exists or you have to add this icon previously with the command hmCal_Add Icon. Pass the icon reference into the parameter valueReal.

hmCal_uprop_Timezone (3)

This property sets the time zone of a user in the user day area. Pass the time zone text in the parameter valueText. If you pass an empty string, the user has no specific time zone. In this case, the user has the standard time zone (defined by hmCal_Set Timezone). Before you call this command, you have to set the standard time zone with the command hmCal_Set Timezone. Only in this case, hmCal can calculate an offset for the user time zone. The offset you can get with the command hmCal_Get User Property and the selector hmCal_uprop_TimezoneOffset.

hmCal_uprop_TimezoneOffset (4)

This property returns the time zone offset in seconds of a user where the time zone was defined previously with the selector hmCal_uprop_Timezone. This property can be read only.

hmCal_uprop_Lineheight (5)

This property defines a custom height of a user in the user multi day view. If you pass a height of 0, a variable height is used (standard). If you pass a value greater than 0, this height is used for the line height of the user. In this case, the height is not variable.

hmCal_uprop_SupUser (6)

This property sets the superior user reference. It has only effect in the user multi day view and if the view is set hierarchically.
You can activate a hierarchically user multi day view with hmCal_SET AREA PROPERTY and selector hmCal_prop_HierarchicalView5.

hmCal_uprop_Expand (7)

This property defines, if a user is displayed expanded in the hierarchically multi day view. See selector hmCal_uprop_SupUser.
You can read an write the value. If the user is expanded, all sub-users are displayed.