hmCal_ColorPicker(headertext;redIn;greenIn;blueIn;redOut;greenOut;blueOut) -> status

Notice: This command is obsolete in version 3.0. Please use
4D command Select RGB Color!

Parameter          Type             Description
headertext         String       ->  header text
redIn              Longint      ->  default value red
greenIn            Longint      ->  default value green
blueIn             Longint      ->  default value blue
redOut             Longint      <-  selected red
greenOut           Longint      <-  selected green
blueOut            Longint      <-  selected blue
status             Longint      <-  status 0 or 1


The command hmCal_ColorPicker indicates the system window to the color selection. If the window is confirmed by the user, then the parameter status returns 1. If the window is cancelled by the user, then the parameter status returns 0.


The following example indicates the color selection window with the default color red:




$vl_error:=hmCal_ColorPicker ("Test";$vl_redIn;$vl_greenIn;$vl_blueIn;$vl_redOut;$vl_greenOut;$vl_blueOut)