hmCal_GET RECURRENCE INFO (area ;reference;number;fromDate;fromTime;toDate;toTime;inExlist)

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
reference          Longint      ->  appointment reference
number             Longint      ->  number of recurrence
fromDate           Date         <-  from date
fromTime           Longint      <-  from time
toDate             Date         <-  to date
toTime             Longint      <-  to time
inExlist           Longint      <-  Is in exdate list


The command hmCal_GET RECURRENCE INFO returns information about the n-th recurrence, defined by the parameter number, of a recurrence appointment.

The parameter inExlist resturns 1 if the recurrence number of an appointment is in the exdatelist. In that case, the parameters fromDate, fromTime, toDate and toTime returns zero values. If the recurrence number is beyond the recurrence period, the parameter inExlist returns 0 and all other parameter returns zero values. You can loop through all recurrences of an appointment regarding the exdatelist.