hmCal_Convert Timezone

hmCal_Convert Timezone(TimezoneFrom;TimezoneTo;Date;Time) -> Error

Parameter          Type             Description
TimezoneFrom       Text        ->   Source timezone
TimezoneTo         Text        ->   Target timezone
Date               Date       <->   Date to convert
Time               Longint    <->   Time to convert
Error              Longint     <-   Errorcode


The command hmCal_Convert Timezone converts a date and time from one source timezone, the parameter TimezoneFrom, to an target timezone, the parameter TimezoneTo. The result is set in the parameters Date and Time. If you pass an empty string in the timezone parameters, the GMT/Greenwich-time is used.


1. The following example converts the current time from Berlin to New York:


$vd_date:=Current date
$vu_time:=Current time
$vl_error:=hmCal_Convert Timezone ("Europe/Berlin";"America/New_York";$vd_date;$vl_time)

2. The following example converts the current time to GMT/Greenwich time:

$vl_error:=hmCal_Convert Timezone ("Europe/Berlin";"";$vd_date;$vl_time)

3. The following example converts the GMT time to New York time:

$vl_error:=hmCal_Convert Timezone ("";"America/New_York";$vd_date;$vl_time)