hmCal_GET POINT INFO(area;x;y;date;time;allday;userRef;appRef)

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
x                  Longint      ->  x-Koordinate
y                  Longint      ->  y-Koordinate
date               Date         <-  date
time               Longint      <-  time
allday             Longint      <-  allday status
userRef            Longint      <-  user reference
appRef             Longint      <-  appointment reference


The command hmCal_GET POINT INFO gets information about a given point. For example, you can get the user or appointment under the current mouse position. You must set the point in the parameters x and y. The parameters date and time return the date and time at this point. The parameter allday returns 1 if the point is at the allday area or 0 if not. In user views the parameter userRef returns the user reference at this point. If an appointment is under the point, the references is returned in the parameter appRef.


The following example is a extraction from a objectmethod of a hmCal area. The event On Mouse Move must be activated. The result is shown in the variable vt_text:

Case of 	
 : (Form event=On Mouse Move )


  GET MOUSE($vl_mousex;$vl_mousey;$vl_mousebutton)


  hmCal_GET POINT INFO (calarea;$vl_mousex;$vl_mousey;$vd_date;$vl_zeit;$vl_allday;$vl_userid;$vl_appointment)

  vt_text:=String($vd_date)+" "+String($vu_time)+" user: "+String($vl_userid)+" app: "+String($vl_appointment)

End case