Columns are a new and important feature in hmCal 2.0

You can create user definied columns in the following views:

This is very helpful, if you want to display more information about an appointment or an user.

You can create columns with the command hmCal_Add Column and you can delete columns with the command hmCal_Delete Column.

You can apply stylesheets to every single column. See chapter hmCal_Apply Stylesheet.

hmCal creates a standard columns with the id -1. This column you cannot delete or set values but you can apply a stylesheet to it.

Example for a column view of the user multi day view:


You can set cell values with the command hmCal_Set Column Cell Value. You can get cell values with the command hmCal_Get Column Cell Value. To delete all values of a column, you can use the command [hmCal_Delete Column Values]].