hmCal_Set Appointment Tip

hmCal_Set Appointment Tip(area;reference;tiptext) -> error

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
reference          Longint      ->  appointment-id
tiptext            Text         ->  tiptext
error              Longint      <-  error-code

Notice: This command is obsolete in version 2.0. Please use
hmCal_Set App Property!


With the command hmCal_Set Appointment Tip you can set the tiptext for an appointment. You can delete a tiptext, if you pass an empty string as the parameter tiptext. Tips are help texts if you move your mouse above an appointment.

Notice: the tiptext can be 255 characters long.


The following example sets the tiptext for an appointment:


$vl_error:=hmCal_Set Appointment Tip(hmCal;89;"this is a tiptext")