hmCal_Import Appointments

hmCal_Import Appointments (area;content;calendar) = error

Parameter          Typ              Beschreibung
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
content            Blob         ->  iCalendar-Blob
calendar           Longint      ->  calendar reference
error              Longint      <-  error code



The command hmCal_Import Appointments imports a iCalendar document. iCalendar is a standard of calendar information exchange.

In the parameter calendar you must pass the calendar id, in which the appointments are created.

Important: You must set the current timezone with the command hmCal_Set Timezone before calling this command.

Further information about the icalendar standard:

Error codes

parse_error_calendar_tag_already_open              -1001
parse_error_event_tag_already_open                 -1002
parse_error_incorrect_datetime                     -1003
parse_error_incorrect_datetime_length              -1004
parse_error_calendar_tag_not_open                  -1005
parse_error_event_tag_not_open                     -1006
parse_error_event_tag_not_closed                   -1007
parse_error_incorrect_duration                     -1008
parse_error_incorrect_from_time                    -1009
parse_error_incorrect_duration_of_appointment      -1010
parse_error_calendar_tag_not_closed                -1011
parse_error_conversation                           -1012
parse_error_timezone_tag_not_open                  -1013
parse_error_timezoneoffset_tag_not_open            -1014
parse_error_incorrect_tzoffset                     -1015
parse_error_timezone_not_set                       -1016
parse_error_incorrect_timezone                     -1017