hmCal_OPTIMIZED FORMATS(area;formatarray)

Parameter          Type             Description
Bereich            Longint      ->  hmCal Bereich
formatarray        Textarray    ->  array of formats


The command hmCal_OPTIMIZED FORMATS defines several formats in hmCal for optimal representation in the columns. The suitable format will be used automatically, in which the column width fits.

If you pass an empty array, all defined formats will be deleted.

Note: If formatarray is filled with values, the commands hmCal_SET DATE FORMAT and hmCal_SET DATE 4D FORMAT have no effect to the current area.

You can find a table for all placeholder in chapter hmCal_SET DATE FORMAT.


The following example defines an array of different formats length:

ARRAY TEXT($tt_formats;4)
$tt_formats{1}:="%n. %N."
$tt_formats{2}:="%n. %N. %y"
$tt_formats{3}:="%n. %N. %Y"
$tt_formats{4}:="%n. %B %Y"
hmCal_OPTIMIZED FORMATS (hmCal;$tt_formats)