hmCal_Add User

hmCal_Add User(area;reference;description) -> error

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
reference          Longint      ->  user-id
description        Text         ->  user-description
error              Longint      <-  error-code


The command hmCal_Add User creates a new user to the calendar definied by parameter area. You need to create a user only if you use the user views.

In the parameter reference you pass your internal, unique number of the user. Over this number the users can be identified later clearly.

If you pass an user reference twice, the command will be ignored and returns the error hmCal_UserAlreadyExists.

In the parameter decription you pass the caption of the user.


The following example creates a new user:


$vl_error:=hmCal_Add User(hmCal;174;"Mr. Smith")