hmCal_Get Last Event

hmCal_Get Last Event(area) -> event

Parameter          Type             Description
area               Longint      ->  hmCal area
event              Longint      <-  last event


The command hmCal_Get Last Event returns the last event of the calendar. hmCal supports two events: On Clicked and On Double Clicked. You can use this command in the object method of the calendar area (see example).

If you want more information about the click or doubleclick, you can use the command hmCal_GET LAST DESTINATION.


The following example catch the events On Clicked and On Double Clicked:


If (Form event=On Plug in Area )

 $vl_event:=hmCal_Get Last Event (calarea)

 Case of 
  :($vl_event=On Clicked )

  :($vl_event=On Double Clicked )
 End case 

End if