hmCal is a plug-in developed by heubach media, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.


4D Version & Platform

hmCal is available as a universal binary bundle for Macintosh and Windows. It was developed and tested with the current 4D versions 4D v12.3 and 4D v13. hmCal is only available for 4D v12.3 and above. hmCal does support the following operating systems: Mac 10.5.8, Mac 10.6.2, Mac 10.7.3, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

64 bit

hmCal is available as 32 and 64 bit Plugin. It runs with the 4D Server x64 v12 and v13 on Windows natively.


hmCal puts simply and fast a complete calendar functionality to your 4th Dimension application. It is always guaranteed that functionality between Macintosh and Windows is identical.

The advantage of hmCal is that it can be integrated extremely simply into existing solutions. A further advantage is, hmCal has NO direct access on your data. So appointments, virtual appointments (it does not have to exist a data record), repeated appointments etc. in complex situations (rights of access, on-the-fly-creation) can be represented and manipulated.